I feel like an impostor

I already wrote about how I have lived and dealt with Impostor Syndrome. As with many other things in life, these feelings ebb and flow and they do come back to haunt me.┬áThere is a lot of humor in my next statement, too. I feel like an impostor presenting at a major industry conference. Yes, it’s true! I feel like an impostor speaking about Impostor Syndrome! To top that off, I am co-hosting a first-timers dinner with Amy Silvers. Who am I to be presenting? Who am I to be one of the hosts? That is for other people, not me. I’m the one attending conferences and in my past, attending the first-timers dinner. From all the feedback I have received based on my first post on Impostor Syndrome, I realize I am not alone in this feeling.

For those of you interested in hearing more about our presentation, here is the link:

We’re Not Worthy: Understanding and Escaping Impostor Syndrome

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