My relationship with Impostor Syndrome

For years I didn’t try to achieve my goals. After all, if I reached for the stars, what if I failed? It’s sometimes easier to have the desire to succeed rather than take the actual chance. This left me completely unfulfilled, however. I wanted more. I knew I could make a difference and feel good ...

Getting out of our own heads

Sometimes it hits like a ton on bricks. That a-ha moment. As experience designers, we need to get out of our own heads and not forget the “bookends” factoring in both older senior citizens and the young. Demonstrating empathy of their worlds and how they use products differently from each other and from us will ...

“…how exactly does psychology relate to user experience?”

Johnny Holland is running a series called “What I Bring to UX From…” Yesterday, the one I wrote, “What I Bring to UX From … Psychology” was published. I would love to hear what you think of it.

The experience that comes from reading books

“I realize the whole sensory experience I associate with reading is lost when reading digitally.” Several weeks ago, I was reading a book for work on my iPad. It was the only version I had the book in. I was sitting on my patio and taking notes. However, it wasn’t satisfying for me. This led ...


On November 18, 2010, I attended my first TED conference, TEDxPhilly. While I was prepared to be blown away, I was not prepared for the level to which this would occur. Although, each and every one of the speakers helped me look at the world just a little bit differently, I would like to highlight the talks and speakers who truly resonated with me and spoke to those ideals I am passionate about.